Financial Reporting for High Net Worth Investor

At a Glance

This investor had multiple private equity, businesses, and real estate holdings, so they needed to be able to track performance of each one and of the portfolio as a whole.


The challenges with tracking portfolios like this are the various ways in which information is provided and how to synthesize data into a clear portfolio dashboard. This particular investor wanted to understand their cash flow, measure their various investment success, and to plan better for the future.

The Solution

We put together a report that showed the various holdings. We created visuals to illustrate the portfolio and put together financial controls to get information from each investment on a timely basis.

Image showing three key points of financial reporting, investor relations, and business planning

The Results

  • Created a Clear Portfolio Picture

    Client had a clear picture and understanding of their portfolio and each investment within the portfolio.

  • Measured Investment Performance

    Client was able to track each investment's performance.

  • Better Financial Planning and Cash Flow Analysis

    Client was able to see cash flow projections and plan for the portfolio's future.

Key Metrics

  • $30M

    Size of the portfolio.

  • $600K

    Annual cash flow.

  • 133

    Investments tracked.

Let’s Work Together

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