4 Outsourced CFO Solutions Fox & Partners Delivers Daily

4 outsourced CFO solutions Fox & Partners delivers daily

Fox & Partners are more than just accountants; we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients as an outsourced CFO service, ensuring that they have all the tools they need to be cash-flow-positive.

We help small businesses succeed every single day by:

  • Delivering clean, accurate, and current financials.
  • Providing an analysis of the financials and providing next steps
  • Ensuring the business owners have an understanding of the financials, how to read
  • them, and what they mean
  • Creating efficient accounting systems and ensuring that our clients’ financial processes are continually improving. (For example, having written processes and using software such as Bill.com, Jirav, and more.)
  • Compiling reports and dashboards that lay out the story of each business and inform business plans.
  • Offering continued support with updates each month

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1. More Efficient Bookkeeping Practices, Customized for Your Business

Bookkeeping can often feel like a lower priority or a maintenance task to many busy entrepreneurs. As a result, we often see organizations with less-than-effective financial reporting.

Whether this is because this function is outsourced to an unqualified party, the bookkeeper is simply reconciling their bank account and moving on to other tasks, or there are no formal reports at all, the outcome is the same: businesses are not getting the information or value they need from their financials.

Our outsourced CFO team leverages their knowledge and experience to address a company’s bookkeeping challenges. We completely transform the way our clients’ financials are compiled, sometimes building them from scratch, then help them to extract the relevant information that will help them continue to grow and succeed for years to come.

2. Accountants Who Can Communicate Their Findings and Recommendations Effectively

Contrary to what some to tend to think, a business’s profits do not equal the amount it has in its bank account. The financials of an organization are more complex than that, and getting a full understanding of why takes some time and effort.

We provide you with accountants who can not only get your financial house in order, but also help you to better understand what those numbers and reports mean. They can take the financial temperature of your organization, then help you figure out exactly what is going on and how you can best move forward.

As outsourced CFO’s, we take a personal and even educational approach to our work, sharing our insights in a way that is accessible and comprehensive in order to demystify your finances for you.

3. High-Level Financial Reporting That Tells a Story

Once the financials are in order, we can provide another solution: updated, easy-to-read, accurate reports that give the full picture of a business.

It’s important for business owners to be able to take a step back and see the complete story of their organization’s past, present, and future. At Fox & Partners, our outsourced CFO’s make it a point to compile, share, and update reports that allow our clients to do exactly this.

The insights gained from these reports then help us to effectively partner with an organization as they take the next steps in their growth.

4. Effective Business Plans

Most organizations start with some kind of plan or vision, but how often is that updated? It’s important for small businesses to have relevant, current views looking toward the future, as well as a sound logistical and financial plan to back it up.

Fox & Partners outsourced CFO’s use the strong foundation we build via bookkeeping and financial reporting to put together KPIs, goals, and a business plan for our clients. We understand that accounting and finances are just a piece of the puzzle, and that while they are important, they do not change your business overnight.

And that does not mark the end of the partnership! Our organization does not employ a transactional approach, meaning that once we complete these steps for you, we stay in touch and make it our mission to continue to add value for your business. We back this up with the very nature of our business agreements, never locking our clients into any fixed terms and ensuring that we work to earn your trust and partnership all along the way.

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