Part-Time CFOs Solve Financial Problems

Our part-time CFO services will expertly lead you through all financial challenges, boosting your business’s growth and efficiency.
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Problems We Solve

Lack of Financials

Does every item on the balance sheet tie out?

Do your financials provide a clear summary of the company’s performance?

Do you have an online dashboard with easy to view financial metrics?

Poor Cash Flow

Do you know your monthly cash flow?

Do you have a plan to increase cash flow each month?

How do you plan to use monthly free cash flow?

No Roadmap

Do you have goals for the next few quarters?

Are the goals tied to something measurable?

Do you occasionally zoom out to look at the bigger picture?

Financially Caused Stress

Are you frustrated by the lack of clear financials?

Is tax time stressful?

Do you understand your financial statements and reports?

Inefficient Accounting

Are you using the latest accounting technology?

Are you closing the monthly books on a timely basis?

Are AP/AR as automated as they can be?

Do you have documented accounting processes?

At Fox and Partners, we specialize in navigating financial complexities, offering outsourced CFO services tailored to meet the unique challenges of our clients. By partnering closely with businesses, we bring clarity to their finances, proactively identifying issues and implementing robust solutions that drive financial stability and growth.