Pro Forma Financial Statements: A Complex Real Estate Deal

At a Glance

This client needed to put together a readable and accurate pro forma financial statement and analysis that could be easily understood.


This client needed the ability to show potential investors projected returns, financial analysis, and differing scenarios, on a real estate investment. We had to show a detailed and accurate pro-forma that stands up to questions and scrutiny while also allowing investors of differing levels of financial literacy to understand the investment.

The Solution

We worked with the client to put together a pro forma that showed the details of ten properties while also creating a dashboard that provided a summary of the portfolio. We used Excel to code spreadsheets which made it easier to explore the different financial scenarios, such as varying interest rates, without breaking the report.

Image showing three key points of custom financial reporting, investor relations, and financial insights

The Results

  • Improved Financial Analysis

    Usable and accurate pro forma created that incorporated multiple factors, scenarios, and properties.

  • Easily Understandable Reports

    Increased investor confidence as they were able to quickly understand the deal structure and projections.

  • Time Saved

    Dramatic time savings came with being able to turn around complex Excel sheets within a few days.

Key Metrics

  • 10

    Property pro formas.

  • 30

    Reduced project hours.

  • $1.2M

    Dollars raised.

Let’s Work Together

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