Top 5 Budget Essentials

Budget Essentials

Many people can’t even stand hearing the word: “budgeting”. It is often associated with being boring and forgoing all the things we want to do and experience with our money. It doesn’t have to be this way! Budgets don’t restrain your life; they give it true meaning and purpose. Ahead are 5 tips to utilize […]

Target-Date Funds

Target Date Funds

Target-date-funds. What are they? Investopedia tells us they are “mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) structured to grow assets in a way that is optimized for a specific time frame”. Today, we’ll be looking at Vanguard’s target-date-funds.             Target-date funds are a healthy investment option for a variety of reasons. First of all, TDFs appropriately […]

Outsourced CFO Services, An Effective Alternative for Businesses

Part time CFO

In Dave Robinson’s article, “How Much Do Part-time CFO Services Cost In 2021” (, he presents a strong case for why business owners should consider outsourcing the CFO responsibilities of their business. Ahead is a quick summary of his points along with how Fox and Partners is leading the charge in the world of outsourced […]

Why Do I Need a Bookkeeper?

Why I need a good book keeper

Having a strong accounting framework in place is an integral part of managing your organization. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this need and demonstrated just how important it is to have a professional manage the firm’s finances. Accounting is a complicated task; the numerous entries, paperwork, and ever-changing regulations can be hard to organize if […]

Why Good Bookkeeping Is Important

Why Bookkeeping is important

Bookkeeping is an integral part of every business. Bookkeeping allows business owners to see what exactly is going on within their business allowing them to do such things as create a budget, plan for the future and prepare for tax returns. Budget Accurately One of the primary reasons why bookkeeping is such a vital process […]

What Is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching

Do you have big goals for your business? After getting a business off the ground, many business owners run into the problem of stagnation; they get complacent with the status quo. They hit a plateau in terms of sales or maybe become content with how their business is operating. This could occur because sales are […]

Why Your Business Needs a Bookkeeper

Book Keeper Woman Looking at paperwork

Entrepreneurs take pride in doing everything themselves. As helpful as this trait can be, this resourcefulness can have both pros and cons, and as the business continues to grow, these responsibilities grow as well. With multiple tasks and limited hands, the need for a bookkeeper arises to manage the crucial accounts and finances of a […]

Budgeting for Businesses

            Accurately budgeting for your business can quickly become a hectic endeavor. Whether securing additional cash to hire new employees or purchasing more inventory, business owners can run into trouble when attempting to correctly predict just how much cash flow is coming in and out of their business. To sustain current operating activities while aiming […]